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Sat Apr 26, 2014 @ 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Club Air Race
Sat May 03, 2014 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
MWM Float Fly
Sat May 03, 2014 @ 8:00AM - 05:00PM
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cr2k: The bus is shaping up...
cr2k: We need everyone to get the banquet reservations in ASAP.
BBrown01: is there a club meeting this month?
cr2k: Business meeting next Thursday, NO fun meeting this month.
cr2k: Everyone who DIDN'T sign up gor the Banquet...Sorry you are gonna miss a good feast and party.
cr2k: Had a GREAT time at the Banquet last nite! Lots of awards and raffle prizes. The food was FANTASTIC!
frcm: Merry Christmas one and all!
cr2k: Hope to see you at our New Year's Flight in to the New Year.
cr2k: Party starts at 9pm.
cr2k: All are welcome, Bring a pot luck appetizer/snack. We will will toast on landing after midnite.
LIGHTNING: Is anyone having trouble downloading renewal forms? (?)
frcm: what kind of trouble are we talking about lightning? let me know so I can fix it. tnx
Fandango1: Feb Fun meeting …be there. Paramedic to make a presentation.
cr2k: Yea for the rain! I finally got to go work on the road.
Hypervelocity: The new roster looks great having the emails to the side of a person's name makes it easier to send that person an email.
cr2k: I wasn't aware it was off for a long time, my preview showed it to be good.
cr2k: Roster updated
frcm: Your attendance this Sat, March 22 at 9 am is much appreciated. Let us show our strength in numbers!
cr2k: A BIG thanks to Oakhurst Bob for helping me with my broken tailwheel today!
dsozinho: Thanks to all who attended the GUY FIELD dedication on Sat. Mr Guy was really pleased.
frcm: those who were not able to attend missed out on the CAKE Smile
cr2k: Anyone know who spray painted on our runway?
Fandango1: Regarding the crappy unauthorized painting of our runway...see FRM Forum "Club Business" :(
cr2k: Roster Updated...
cr2k: Brian got most of the graffiti cleaned up today. With a little water I can bring my pressure washer and finish it if the rain this weekend doesn't.
cr2k: Anyone want to go to the Mather Aeromodelers Fun Fly the first weekend of April? Limited RV parking available.
cr2k: A big thanks to Brian Freeman for scrubbing the graffiti off the runway.
cr2k: Maybe (HOPEFULLY) next time a group wants lines on our field they will discuss it with someone from the Field Committee or at least someone from the event.
cr2k: Looks like it came off with Brian's work and the rain.
cr2k: Who's up for float flying on the 16th if we get the permit?
cr2k: I show the Fun Fly/Picnic to be May 17
f4u: I DO WHAT (?) 8)
f4u: 8) O.O
frcm: Float fly for this coming Wednesday is a GO

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