Wear you AMA Card when you are at our flying field at all times

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Sat May 02, 2015 @ 9:00AM -
Mike Walsh Memorial Float Fly
Sat May 09, 2015 @ 9:00AM -
Oval Track Race
Sat May 09, 2015 @ 9:00AM -
Electric Fun Fly


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cr2k: Yeppers it is. April 1st and I'm not foolin'
cr2k: Chili dogs too!
cr2k: Mike Walsh Memorial Float Fly, Dog Show and SCUBA dive is First Saturday in May.
whallier45@comcast.n: Anybody see the TV coverage of the Kami-Krazy combat event?
frcm: just for fun, there is a poll at the bottom right...check it out :)
dwhall47: Craig..will you again be demonstrating your underwater quad flying technique? Maybe we could get some underwater shots this year if we have scuba divers ready with cameras.
zx1ninja: Any update on updated By-Law posting?
cr2k: Dave No!
f4u: ;) :P :D :| :S :S 8) :_( :-* :-*
f4u: I :( ;) :P :P
frcm: Hi Craig, were you able to receive the "test mass mail" i sent?
cr2k: Yes. What happened to the roster link?
george: Help, I need the new roster with phone numbers. :S :S :S :S O.O O.O O.O
frcm: Roster link is at the bottom under MORE.
zx1ninja: Is there an estimate as to when the current by-laws will be posted?
cr2k: ninja...I will work on this.
Guest_8357: Hoping to become a Non-Flying Member soon! Missing seeing all of you guys! School and Work have kept me VERY busy. Just messaged Craig about becoming a Non-Flying Member! Hope to see you guys tomorrow working on the tables! :)
cr2k: Cole...You can use your regular log on.
cr2k: Latest PAID roster uploaded. Check it out There may be some names missing you would not have thought.
DBanta: It is March 27th. Is the float fly at Millerton still happening on the first of April?
cr2k: No. We are waiting forour proof of ins from AMA then our permit. NO FLOAT FLYING at Millerton until further notice. Sorry.
cr2k: Gate Combo Changed Today Sunday.
cr2k: Still no word on Float flying yet. Brian is calling AMA daily to get this fixed.
cr2k: Hoping to have our opening Wed float fly on the 15th.
dwhall47: ff on Wednesday on or still unknown?
cr2k: FLOAT FLY on Wed the 15th! I am bringing hotdogs, chili and some comdiments. Frank said he will bring something for desert. Still need onions (chopped) and cheese.
cr2k: Picking up the boaot tomorrow for annual maintenance and new tail lights.
cr2k: Not going to Sandals in Friant as they are not on summer hours yet. :(
cr2k: Had a fun day at Kami-Krazy!
xhueydriver: was pleasantly surprised at water level and bird life at millerton on wed
cr2k: Next Float Fly Wed May 6th.
cr2k: MW Memorial Float Fly MAY 2nd.
cr2k: Saturday.
cr2k: If you are wondering what all this "Float Flying" is about come on up to the lake and hang with us and find out. If ya got an RC boat bring it with ya. I have information on building and attaching floats. If you would like me to email you a copy send me an email FLOAT in the subject line To:
cr2k: We Float Fly the 1st and 3rd Wed every month thru Oct. We are permitted to fly at Millerton Lake SRA on the North side, all the way around keep right thru the campground to the dirt road that goes West out to the island. South side of Dumna Cove.
cr2k: Our days are usually from 8:30-9am to about noon or so, less in the heat of summer.

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