Fresno Radio Modeler - Association - ByLaws

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The name of this organization (hereinafter referred to as the "club") shall be the




The objectives of this club shall be: (1) To promote the construction and operation of radio controlled aircraft
models in the Fresno, California area, (2) To provide for the exchange of worthwhile ideas pertaining to radio
controlled modeling, (3) To promote contests involving radio controlled aircraft models, (4) To engage in a
program of safety, research, and progress in radio controlled aircraft modeling matters.



1.  Any model builder or flyer living in the Fresno area may be admitted into regular membership. It is expected that he/she perform a minimum of four (4) club-related tasks within the first year of membership. .


1a. Applicant being considered for regular membership must pay dues as required in ARTICLE V of the By-Laws. Concurrent OPEN membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics is mandatory.


1b. No application for membership will be accepted until the Fresno Radio Modelers By-laws,
Constitution and Club Safety rules have been read, understood and the application has been signed the application verifying acknowledgement. Applicant is responsible for obtaining said By-Laws, Constitution and Club Safety Rules (available at  The applicant must attend the meeting that he/she will be introduced and admitted into membership by a two-thirds majority vote of all eligible members present. The applicant can fly at the Fresno Radio Modelers flying field for a period of 30 calendar days before being voted into membership and then must become an FRM member or cease flying at The FRM Flying Field.


2.  Associate Member may be any person or business interested in supporting FRM and Model Aviation in general.  Associate membership approval process is the same as for regular membership stated in 1b above. 

2a. Associate Members will have all rights and privileges of regular membership with the exception of Flying.




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3. Any member may be removed from membership for cause after a hearing by the Executive Board, presentation of details to the general membership for consideration, and as determined by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present at a special or general meeting at which the details are presented.



1.  Any AMA-Open membership, Fresno Radio Modelers regular member.

2.  Any AMA-Open membership, non-Fresno Radio Modelers guest residing in the greater Fresno/Madera area may fly at the Fresno Radio Modelers field for thirty (30) days but at the end of the 30-day period, the guest must either join the Fresno Radio Modelers or discontinue flying at our site. The guest must read the Field Safety Rules posted at the field.

3.     Any AMA-Open membership, non-Fresno Radio Modelers guest residing outside of the greater Fresno/Madera area may fly at the Fresno Radio Modelers field at any time as long as the guest abides by the Field Safety Rules.  The guest must read the Field Safety Rules posted at the field.


4.   A non-AMA Open membership non-Fresno Radio Modelers guest may fly at the Fresno Radio Modelers field only one flight with a buddy box (per AMA safety rules).


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The officers of the Club shall be (1) President, (2) Vice-President, (3) Secretary, and (4) Treasurer. An
Executive Board shall be composed of the above officers and the chairmen of all the standing committees.
See By-Laws, ARTICLE VI.


  1. 1.      The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club.  He/she shall act as spokesman for the Club in all matters pertaining to it.  He/she shall serve as Chairman of the Executive Board.
    1. 2.      The Vice-president shall act for the president when he/she is unable to serve, and shall serve as Program
      Committee Chairperson.
    2. 3.      The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and provide meeting information for all Club
    3. 4.      The Treasurer shall collect all monies due and keep a record of all monies received and disbursed by the
    4. 5.      The Executive Board shall act in matters set forth in the Constitution and these By-laws and shall
      decide general policy between meetings of the Club
    5. 6.      Any dispute resulting from the interpretation of the By-laws intent will be settled by a majority vote of
      the General membership at a regular monthly meeting
      1. The Club emblem shall be the outline of an airplane in flight with the words "Fresno Radio Modelers" thereon.
      2. Identification garments shall be:





All officers of the Club shall serve for a period of one year from date of taking their chairs of office.
Nominations of officers will be made from the floor during the general meeting of the months of October and
November.  Election will be held by majority vote at the December general meeting. Officers will take their
chairs of office at the general meeting in January.







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Vacancy in any office shall be filled by appointment by the Executive Committee. Such appointment is to serve until the end of the terms for which the predecessor was elected.




  1. Membership dues are due and payable to the Membership Chairman as of June 30th annually.
  2. All current members' 18 years of age and over shall pay dues of $90.00 per year, $70.00 for seniors. Junior members, 17 years of age and younger, shall pay dues of $40.00 per year. New members shall pay dues corresponding to $8.00 per month ($3.50 per month if 17 years of age or younger and $6.00 for senior members at the time of acceptance) for each month of the year remaining to December 31st, plus a $60.00 initiation fee ($30.00 for junior members only).


2a. Additional family member rate: Immediate family residing at the same address as an adult Fresno

            Radio Modeler may also become a Fresno Radio Modeler member for an additional fee of $70.00                                  per adult 18 years of age or older, $40.00 per junior 17 years of age or younger. Siblings living at the same address without an adult Fresno Radio Modeler member may become a Fresno Radio Modeler at the rate of $40.00 after one sibling has paid the full junior rate of $70.00. Concurrent membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics is mandatory.

 2b Initiation fees may be paid in installments of $10.00 per month for six months, by new members, 18 years of age and older. Members 17 years of age or younger may pay $5.00 per month for six
 months. Members who elect to pay the initiation fee by installments and fail to meet the above
 conditions will be dropped from the Club without any reimbursements.

 2c. Senior citizens who are or will have reached sixty-five years of age (prior to June 1st of the

            current year that dues are payable) will pay $70.00, if the senior citizen is joining
            the Fresno Radio Modelers for the first time he must pay the $60.00 initiation fee.


3.  Members may elect to pay membership dues of $240.00 for the forth-coming three-year period.        These dues are non-transferable and non-refundable. Senior citizens may elect to pay membership dues of $180 for the forth-coming three-year period. These dues are non-transferable and non-refundable.

4.  Dues are delinquent as of July 1st.  Any member failing to re-new his/her membership by August 1st shall be levied a late charge in the amount of $5.00 per month late.  I. e. Dues paid on August 1st. would be $95.00 for the current year, except in special cases approved by the Membership Chairman.



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    5. Individual members may request a leave of absence for any reason, and be reinstated as a current
member by paying dues for the balance of the fiscal year (to December 313) without paying an initiation fee. The maximum time of five (5) years will be allowed for leave of absence, at the end of the fifth year the individual member will be removed from the Club roster.

6. Delinquent members and members on a leave of absence are not entitled to any of the amenities associated with the current membership (I.E. Club facilities, contest, Club newsletter, etc.)
Executive council may elect to continue the Club newsletter to non-members or leave of absence
members on individual basis.

7. Membership dues of immediate past officers, Chairpersons of Standing Committees the Editor of the Club newsletter (WATTS NEW), and the Club's Designated Contest Director shall be free for the year subsequent to their service.


8. Membership for life may be accepted for the payment of a one-time fee of $785.00 this life
membership is non-transferable and fees are non-refundable subsequent to acceptance. Life members
may be recognized by the presentation of an exclusive membership card and membership badge. Life
members will not be subject to any additional charges normally associated with general membership
such as levies, etc. Life members must maintain membership in the Academy of Model Aeronautics.


9. Individual members may request a discount of dues for working at Club events or workdays under the
following plan: (1) work performed at a one-day event or workday = $2.00 discount: (2) work
performed at a two day event or workday = $5.00 discount. The maximum discount allowed will be
$15.00. Members applying for said discount would be on "the honor system".

10. A dues free membership for life may be awarded to any member(s) of the Club in recognition of
outstanding service to the Club. The subject member(s) must be nominated at a regular business
meeting, for consideration by the Executive Board. No immediate vote will be taken: The Executive
Board will consider nomination(s) and make recommendations to the general membership for a majority
vote. Any nominee(s) for dues-free membership will be considered by the Executive Board annually for
recommendation to the general membership for a majority vote.



Chairpersons of the standing committees of the Club shall be appointed by the President to serve throughout his tenure of office. Following are the committees: Membership, Designated Contest Director, Program, Publicity, Field Raffle, Safety and Newsletter Publisher.  Special committees may be established by President as needed.  The Chairperson of a special committee is not a member of the Executive Board.




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1.   General Business Meetings of the Club shall normally be held on the second Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM at the place designated at the preceding meeting.

2.   Members will be advised of the time and place of any meeting change by newsletter (if time permits) or by email at least two days preceding each meeting.

3.   The Executive Board will meet at such time and place as directed by the President.

4.   A quorum for the purpose of conducting business shall consist of the members present at any General Business or Executive Board meeting.



a)  A yellow shirt or T-shirt with a blue Club emblem on the back.

              b)  A navy blue shirt or T-shirt with a yellow Club emblem on the back.

c)      A navy blue jacket with a yellow Club emblem on the back.


Optional: The members name and/or AMA number may be on the left breast in the same color as the Club emblem.

                3. The Club will provide to new members a blue cap with yellow emblem above the brim. Additional decoration of the caps will be on an individual basis. Custom caps may be purchased by the members and embellished on an individual basis.












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All members or persons upon becoming members shall be given a copy of the Constitution and By-laws and such other Club information as the Executive Board shall deem necessary.  Such information will be maintained and available on the FRM Website.




Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws will be introduced at any general meeting of the Club and the members notified in writing for two subsequent months before a vote is taken on such amendment.   Amendments are accepted by a two-thirds majority vote of all members present at the general meeting on the third month following introduction.






 Flying Field Safety Rules are established over the signature of the President, subject to member approval by majority vote at a regularly scheduled General Meeting. These rules are applicable to all persons at the field when flight operations are in progress.

I certify that this Constitution and By-laws were adopted by vote at the General Meeting September 11, 2014.

Original Signed by:

Matt Raymond, 2014 President, FRM