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Thu Sep 11, 2014 @ 7:00PM - 09:00PM
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Sat Sep 13, 2014 @ 9:00AM - 12:00PM
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Thu Sep 18, 2014 @ 9:00AM - 05:00PM
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cr2k: Count you in for? Lake or combat?
cr2k: So far we have at least 4 confirmed.
cr2k: Hankins? Milt? Warren?
cr2k: Dave?
cr2k: Frank?
xhueydriver: frank....yes
xhueydriver: sorri........frank yes
xhueydriver: dave is busy with client and can't mak it tomorrow
cr2k: Rob and I are meeting for breakfast, again, at Sandals on the Beach at 8am.
cr2k: Should only top out at about 90 by the time we leave. Normal wind pattern. Lake is at 57%. Probably go past the island were it's flatter.
cr2k: Wednesday was another great day at the lake!
xhueydriver: yup
cr2k: Next one on the 6th of August. We have a 2 week break. But the boat is there for all if ya wanna go.
cr2k: Roster Updated
frcm: Roster pw added
dwhall47: Craig. See you this Wednesday August 6. Dave
xhueydriver: and frank as well
cr2k: All right! Dan is getting the dogs but he won't be there.
cr2k: I know Gary is going to. Anyone else?
cr2k: Looking to get commitments for the Float Fly at Lake McSwain (sept 19-21) so I can reserve camping spots. This is a long running event with a fantastic raffle on Sunday. Kinda small flying area but great for smaller planes.
HWF: I should be there
xhueydriver: another fun "gathering" cya next time......PS going to checkout Hensley next week
cr2k: Keep us informed.
cr2k: Only 5 Wednesday Float days left!
xhueydriver: well, Hensley is not good until this winter
xhueydriver: (1/4 mile walk to water)
cr2k: Thanks for the report!
cr2k: Who's up for water play this Wednesday?
xhueydriver: I'll be there early regardless the turnout........(I have a private retrival system (ha ha)
dwhall47: Won't be there...DMV at 10:00. Have fun!
dwhall47: Here's a dumb question...if I don't log in, I can see the roster. Once I log in, it's gone!
dwhall47: (?)
cr2k: Dave, I don't k now how the respond to that other than.....MIKE?
xhueydriver: craig, thanks again for all the club effort you put out.....its not going un noticed
frcm: Dave, the "FRM Roster" link is visible when not logged in and gone when you login?
cr2k: Looks like the next FRM group campout is at the Jet Rally.

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