Welcome to the 2018 – Fresno Radio Modelers (FRM)

NOTIFICATION – Monday/Tuesday – February 20/21 – Ag workers will be working  close to the north edge/fence line outfitting sprinkler lines. Please execute extreme caution when flying or limit flying if workers are present next to the fence.  This will be ongoing for a few weeks as the orchard on the north side is developed. 

New Field Guidelines

Presidents Corner

We started the New Year with some great ideas and motivation. I would like to personally invite you to come out and fly at the field. The atmosphere is very positive and exciting. Not to mention the weather is fantastic for this time of the year. You should be taking advantage of it.

At the last meeting, there were a lot of events discussed for 2018. I’m sure you will like one or two of them. We talked about pot lucks, fund raisers, war birds, racing, demonstrations and challenges. We hope this will bring attention and new members to our Gold Standard Club. The first event coming up is called Flight Deck. The Eagle Has Landed, March 24th. It will challenge you to become good at the hardest part of learning to fly your plane. “The Landings”. Plus a Pot Luck. Come to the business meeting or call me to find out the details.

On our next business meeting we will discuss the By Laws, Information about becoming incorporated, AMA Grants and Flight Deck. I encourage you to come and give your two cents worth. Our club is … run by the members… [for the members]. We have a great club, because of you being a member and part of this great hobby.

As president I am starting a new Motto…. “Not what can you do for the club, but what can the club do for you? We are here for you, to make your hobby fun…!

Let’s start by getting our planes and equipment back in order so we can fly-fly-fly. I hope to see you at the business meeting, the fun meeting (Bobby did a great job) and out at the field. I’m excited to be part of FRM in 2018.

Take Care and God Bless,
Aaron Flores (FRM El Presidente)

Note – the Proposed ByLaw changes are now online and available under the secure About Us\FRM ByLaws section of the website. No changes will be implemented until after acceptance of these changes at the April 2018 Meeting.

Our objectives are foremost on having fun, skill development; while, respecting the safety needs inherent with any flying aircraft.

We generally fly Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. We welcome all newcomers to the model aviation hobby as well as experienced flyers. If you want to learn to fly, contact via email one of our club leaders who can connect you with an instructor pilot. No plane – no worries, we can provide an intro training flight and help you get a feel for the controls.

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